Short On Time

Top: J. Crew Factory | Shorts: J. Crew Factory | Wedges: ShoeMint | Hat: J. Crew | Watch: Michael Kors | Bracelets: Stella & Dot

Some mornings, I hit snooze one too many times because the baby had a rough night (which means Momma had a rough night) and instead of having an hour to get ready before the 2 yr old wakes up, I have 10 minutes. This outfit is the perfect example of why "I just don't have time" usually isn't a good excuse for looking schlumpy.  Granted, it isn't the most glamorous look, but it is "put together". This seriously didn't take any longer than a thrown together, grab whatever you can find, outfit. I'm going to break it down, piece by piece, and show you why.

When I'm feeling lazy or am just being unorganized, here's my go-to:
Whatever tee I can find
Flip flops

If you have the right items in your closet and can coordinate colors that work well together, having a "put together" look doesn't have to take any longer than the "thrown together" look I just described. 

Now here's the outfit i'm wearing swapping out piece for piece:
Fitted baseball tee
Basic but colorful shorts
Stylish hat with a messy bun (seriously was just as fast as a ponytail)
Basic wedge sandals

See, it really does take the same amount of time. Make sure your closet is full of well fitting basics in neutrals and complementing colors and you won't even have to give your outfit much thought. If you're going with a basic look, throw on a couple of easy accessories (bracelets, necklace, etc.) to complete it. J. Crew Factory is an excellent place to find great, quality basics at a reasonable price.  Having some edgier sandal or flat options is a great way to add interest to a basic laid back outfit without any extra work.
I know time is precious, especially when you have little ones, but you can be practical and still look cute and feel good about how you look!

~Have a great week!~