This week...


I discovered:
an amazing new liquid foundation. it's super moisturizing! will share more on this soon ;)

I rediscovered: 
one of my favorite movies, the count of monte cristo (also one of my favorite books).

I relaxed:
by getting my hair AND nails done while the hubby watched the kiddos. am i lucky or what?!

I procrastinated:
about going to the post office. i hate going to the post office. its very difficult carrying packages, wrangling a two year old and holding an infant.

I loved:
getting to go on a date night with my wonderful husband. brought aya with us as i've yet to purchase a pump but we still had a great time. discovered a new restaurant called jing and i highly recommend it!

I bought:
a new pair of training shoes. i was finally cleared to work out i just can't do any upper abdominal exercises as they are still separated and healing. i love to workout and was so ready to get back into it after not being able to for 10+ months. i needed a new pair of trainers and it was the perfect added motivation to start working out again. be sure to follow my fitness journey as i share tips on eating and exercising!

~How was your week?~