YSL Review

Colors on hand from left to right: Rouge Volupte' 7 | Volupte' Sheer Candy 4 | Rouge Volupte 11 | Rouge Pur Couture 58

If you haven't figured this out by now, I kind of have a thing for lipstick. My two favorite brands by far are Chanel and YSL. I've had a few requests to share my favorite YSL colors so I've decided to review YSL first. I'll definitely do Chanel at some point in the future. 
I have three different "types" of YSL lip colors in the pictures. The round gold tubes are "Rouge Volupte'" and my favorite type of lip color YSL has. Its saturated enough to be considered a lipstick but is very hydrating, more so than the average lipstick. The two Rouge Volupte' colors that I have are #7 and #11. The #7 is the light pink and I wear it all. the. time. While it is moisturizing, that light of a pigment clings to dead skin on the lips so its sometimes necessary to wear a tad of clear or light pink gloss over it. The #11 is a great all season color. Its a deep pink/red and works well in summer or winter depending on the outfit. I will say that it photographs slightly more red than it is. The silver tube is the Volupte' Sheer Candy in #4. This type of lip color is almost like a gloss in solid form. It has color to it and is extremely hydrating but doesn't look as "wet" as most glosses do when it's on. I love this lippy for the pool or the beach. It feels lighter to wear than a gloss, almost balmy, so it's great for being outside. Also, I hate having to worry about my lipstick looking perfect at the beach or pool and this takes care of that issue since it provides color with less saturation than a lipstick. It's also great layered over other colors! Last, but not least, in the square gold tube is the Rouge Pur Couture in #58. These cool, pinky, purple is a great shade to play around with. It adds a great punch of color to an outfit without being too overwhelming. This is YSL's standard lipstick style, if you will. It's still moisturizing but has the most saturated color of them all. I am really wanting to test out more of the colors in the Rouge Pur Couture when I get some time to play around at the makeup counter. I'll definitely share what I like! All of these can be found here.
What's your favorite lipstick?

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