In the Bag

I have been packing for an upcoming trip to Florida (where I will hopefully be spending a lot of time at the beach and pool) and I was inspired to share what you can almost always find in my beach/pool bag.

1. Tote 
I have a few that I rotate between depending on my destination and my outfit. I love this blush tote and I use it for EVERYTHING. You can find it here

2. Towel
I love the Tory Burch towel pictured. I got it a couple of years ago at the Tory Burch outlet in Florida so it is pretty hard to find now. Target usually has some pretty cute options and I am obsessing over this one.

3. Sunglasses
Who goes to the beach without sunglasses? Not this girl. Scored this Cynthia Rowley pair a couple of years ago at T.J. Maxx but I'm currently loving the pink lens Raybans.

4. Cosmetic Pouch
To hold all of my little goodies so they don't get lost in the tote. Tory BurchKate Spade and Ted Baker all have great ones and you can usually find cute, cheap options at Forever 21

5. Lip Gloss
I prefer lipgloss over all else when I'm at the pool or beach. Why? It doesn't melt. I hate when I take a favorite lip color or balm and it gets ruined being in the heat. The gloss pictured is Chanel's Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss in Reflexion 71 and you can get it here

6. Hair Ties
You just get all sweaty and wet and sometimes the hair just needs to be thrown back, up, around...whatever you rock. Love J. Crew's options but Etsy always has cute options as well.

7. Hydrating Mist
Keeping your skin hydrated is key, especially when you live in a dry climate like Colorado. I love the Sunforgettable Setting Mist by colorescience. It is formulated to hydrate and soothe skin during and after sun exposure. Win!

8. Phone
My trusty phone is always with me to keep track of time (is the pool bar open yet?) and to snap beachy pics. Kate Spade has my favorite phone covers for aesthetic and functionality, they're easy on, easy off!

9. Book
A good book is always a great beach companion. I hate taking my iPad to the beach or pool to read with as I'm always paranoid it will get stolen so I keep it old school with a good paperback. Currently reading: The Girl Who Came Home by Hazel Gaynor (so far so good!)

10. Hat
My scalp always, always burns if I'm out in the sun without a hat. When traveling I love authentic Panama Hats as they aren't torn up and crushed as easily. I also love the options at J. Crew and Tory Burch and every now and then Forever 21 has a great find!

11. Suit Cover-up
I don't mind rocking a bathing suit in public but once i'm out of the water/off the lounger and walking around, I like to add a little mystery by throwing on a cute cover or wrap. The cover-up pictured is from Victoria's Secret and I love using the scarves here as wraps. 

12. Water
I start to feel sick if I don't stay hydrated while in the sun and in the water so I try to always take water with me (a snack helps too). I prefer an insulated bottle of some kind to keep my water cool. Starbucks seems to consistently have cute ones!

13. Sandals
Duh. Everyone needs footwear at the pool or beach. The burning hot concrete and sand is ouchy. Tory Burch has my favorite sandals and flip flops and you can also find great deals on Poshmark. You can follow my closet, just search talshooster.

14. Sunscreen
I don't have it pictured because I'm out and need to pick up more but I always have an all-natural sunscreen with me as well. Sure, I like beautifully tanned skin as much as the next girl but not as much as I despise skin cancer. I'll take pale skin, thank you very much!

*This is not a sponsored post
~Check back soon for some great beach looks!~