This Week...

This Week...

I worked:
on unpacking and getting caught up after our trip. wasn't exactly successful.

I enjoyed:
getting to cuddle my babes. both of the little ones were a little sick and while I didn't like that, I loved how snuggly they were.

I discovered:
a really fun candle company. actually, I have to give the credit to my sis-in-law who showed them to me. they hide a bracelet halfway inside their candle so you discover it after its burned down some. so fun! will share more on that later.

I forced:
myself to "just let go" of the things I couldn't accomplish. I was trying to fit too much into a day and then getting so discouraged when I couldn't get it all done. I struggle with this on a regular basis and it is something I am in the process of overcoming.

I started:
running again. I have to take it easy as I have something wrong with my left knee but man did it feel good to take a morning run!

I committed:
to a stark white mani. they have always intimidated me for some reason but I decided to go for it anyway. I think I like it...

I was inspired:
by one of my favorite bloggers on how to be self employed. it was just what I needed as I enter a new season of working from home. you can see the post here.

~What did you do this week?~