Lions & Tigers & Bears

Last Saturday, Sam and I were wondering what to do with ourselves when he suggested we check out the Wild Animal Sanctuary. It was one of those things we had been meaning to do for a long time and so we went for it. 
The Wild Animal Sanctuary is a 740+ acre property that is home to over 400 rescued wild animals, mostly large carnivores. These animals were mostly rescued from domestic breeders and owners. People who thought it would be "fun" to own a tiger (or lion, or bear, etc.) but were not able to care for such a large and dangerous animal. Some of them are from small circuses that mistreated their animals as well. 
I'll take you through our trip and share more with you about their operation and the animals.

First off, how hot is my hubby pushing Ayelet in the stroller with Judah walking alongside. Best. Dad. Ever.

You see these black and brown bears as you drive onto the property. I'm loving the grizzly laying on the sand bar!

When the animals are first introduced to the sanctuary, they are housed in small pens until they acclimate. Once they adjust to their surroundings and bond with the animals in the pens next to them, they are them introduced with one or two of their new "friends" to one of the very large enclosed areas (remember, they have over 700 acres for these animals to live on). Sadly, a lot of the animals require small cages be put into the giant enclosed areas so that they always have access to a cage. That is because a lot of these animals know nothing but a cage and it has become a source of security for them.

Judah was thrilled to see so many tigers. He LOVES tigers.

Aya was much happier there than this pic would lead you to believe, haha. 

The wolves were amazing. At one point while we were standing right above their enclosure, they all starting howling in unison. This happened at dusk which is usually when they howl so if you want to hear it, be sure to be next to the wolves at dusk! It was an incredible experience.

Ignore Judah's "honka honka" hand placement. Haha. Oh well.

Loved all of the arctic wolves they have. So beautiful!

Hat: J. Crew | Sweater: Jewelry Nut Auction on Facebook (old) | Jeans: Adriano Goldschmeid via Anthropologie | Boots: Vince Camuto via Nordstrom | Necklace: Stella & Dot | Lips: Chanel Palpitante via Nordstrom

The entry fee to the sanctuary as well as everything brought in by sales from the gift shop and food snacks all go right back to caring for the animals. It is a non-profit organization and the oldest and largest sanctuary of its kind. If you're ever in Colorado, I highly recommend you visit and experience this unique opportunity while helping these beautiful animals.
Get the all the details here: Wild Animal Sanctuary

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~Happy Thursday~