Scarf Weather

Tunic sweater: Nordstrom | Denim: AG via Anthropologie | Scarf: J. Crew | Booties: Nordstrom (no longer available) | Watch: Michael Kors | Bracelet: J. Crew | Sunglasses: Burberry via T.J. Maxx | Lips: Kate Spade in Precocious Pink

Obviously scarf weather starts in the fall but I am going through my very own "scarf season". Let me explain; my body is just now starting to "right" itself hormonally after recently weaning Aya. My body decided that it was done producing milk and so we weaned. Now, my poor hormones are all over the place. Because my hormones are freaking out, if I get overheated even the tiniest bit, I go into raging hot flashes. Basically, menopause in my 20's. Fun. Needless to say, coats are a "no-go" for me right now. Blanket scarves have come to my rescue. I'll wear some layers with a nice sweater or something and throw on a big scarf. It's perfect for when I'm feeling chilly and then I can just yank it off (very quickly) when my body decides its a raging furnace. So yeah, now you know all about my hormones. 
Moving on...this adorable sweater tunic was a gift from my hubby and is very affordable for a nice sweater. I know how much it costs (less than $40) because I picked it out, ha, and its a bargain for a nice sweater! Nordstrom has a great selection of basic, easy to style sweaters at great prices right now so if you're looking for one...check them out. Now is a great time to buy basic, winter weather pieces that will carry over into the next winter and beyond.

~Have a happy thursday, mine is going to be great since i'm house shopping!~