Date It Up

Tee: J. Crew | Sweatpants: Forever 21 | Mug: Anthropologie | Blanket: Target | Lips: YSL Rouge Pur Couture 58 via Nordstrom

Valentine's Day is almost here! I had originally planned on Sam being in the pics for this post with me but things didn't work out according to plan so you've just got me...and Judah's hand. The hubby was actually there as he was the one behind the camera so I guess it kind of counts, maybe? I wanted to share some last minute "date" ideas for tomorrow. I know life can get crazy and plans can go wayward (as this post has already shown) so here are some last minute ideas to give you and your special someone something to do.

Camp out in the living room with some goodies and wine and bust out the scrabble. There are also some great "get to know you" type games that are applicable for any relationship and any "length" of relationship. As much as I know about Sam, there is still so much to learn. Also, people change, their dreams and ideas change, etc. Table Topics has a great couples version that I recommend checking out.

Sometimes not having a plan nailed down can actually be better than having reservations at a fancy restaurant. Grab your significant other and go to a cool part of town that you aren't too familiar with. Vow to only stop in places you haven't tried. You can make it even more special by adding a hunt of some kind. For example, before going, make a list of things you must collect while you're out (an old book, a wine receipt, a restaurant napkin, a new bauble under $ get the idea) You can also make it a scrapbook challenge by taking "couple selfies" (or have someone take a pic of you) at every place you stop and then put them into a fun little picture book. It's a mini adventure right in your own backyard!

You probably already have the ingredients to whip up a batch of cookies/cake etc. If not, a quick trip to the store can also be fun. Find a recipe you want to make together and go collect the ingredients. Head back to the house for a fun afternoon of making and baking and decorating. Flour fights are also really fun...just not super fun to clean up (worth it though).

Ever been on a train? Maybe now is the time. Pick a destination not too terribly far away and head out! It can be a day trip or even an impromptu overnight getaway! Take along a book you would both enjoy and take turns reading aloud or if you both enjoy puzzles, take a sudoku or crossword book.

If you like to be active and live somewhere that the weather will be nice enough (like where I live ;), then pack a picnic basket, strap it to your bike (or rent one) and head on out for a lazy ride at the park or along the river. Simple and romantic.

Don't get dirty-minded with the title of this one. I mean hey...I'm hoping my married friends are getting their freak on tomorrow but I would rather not share any tips on that at the moment.
What I'm trying to suggest (especially if you have a little moolah to play around with) is a trip to the mall. But not just any trip to the mall, go with the purpose of dressing the other person. Yep, you pick out an entire outfit for your person and they pick out an entire outfit for you. Technically you don't even have to buy them...just head to the store and dress each other. It's actually a very interesting thing to do and can be quite hilarious.

Okay, this is probably my sappiest one yet, but its really fun! (and free).
Once its dark out, head somewhere pretty and secluded. Find a safe place to pull off the road, turn up the car radio, leave the doors open so you can hear the music, and dance underneath the stars. You could also pack some bubbly or wine to up the chick flick romance vibe. Yes, its cheesy. It's also really nice to be alone and outside dancing. There's something really unique about the way it feels. The best part doesn't cost anything except for the gas you use to get there! (and the champagne).

That's it folks! 
Oh, one last thing before I forget. For those of you with kiddos, I know from experience that it doesn't always work out to have someone watch the munchkins so the adults can have some time away. It can be so incredibly frustrating when that happens, I know. Just don't give up. Don't toss in the towel on getting some special time with each other because you have the kids. It's so easy to give up when it seems like it isn't possible to do something fun and romantic. Just don't. Resolve to have a positive attitude and enjoy the day as a family. Tomorrow we're headed to the museum as a family to see the current exhibit. Take the kids to the zoo, or the park, or the aquarium. Hold hands and enjoy your family. Remember that it's your love that brought them here in the first place. What a great way to celebrate your love for each other! Enjoy the day, then book a babysitter for a night next week. It is important to get alone time too, even if it isn't ON Valentine's Day. Do what you can, when you can, as often as you can, but don't get discouraged. 

~Love you all!~