Hi, Low, and Everything In-between

Jacket: J. Crew Factory (old) | Blouse: Shop Sosie | Pants: J. Crew | Booties: Target (no longer available) | Purse: Tory Burch | Watch: Michael Kors | Jewelry: Stella & Dot and J. Crew via Poshmark | Sunglasses: Kate Spade (no longer available) | Lips: Chanel in Palpitante via Nordstrom

Honestly, most of my outfits are great examples of how to mix hi and low-end pieces and this one is no exception. As much as I love nice, quality pieces...there's a certain thrill to finding adorable, well made "bargain" pieces. I save up for my nice pieces and they are a treat when I get them. I usually don't have a ton of money to spend when I go shopping so I've found some great places that offer quality, affordable items. 
Let's start with J. Crew Factory:
I love J. Crew. However, it can be on the pricey side and I always go in with a very strict budget, which allows for maybe one or two pieces (maybe). Enter J. Crew Factory. It carries on-trend pieces at a fraction of the price as their big sister, J. Crew. The best way to shop "the Factory" is when they're running their major sales. They regularly offer 60% off site wide and such and THAT is the time to strike! That is how I got this army jacket (3 years ago) for $40 instead of $120!

Let's move on to Shop Sosie:
This online boutique offers cute, stylish, classic pieces at affordable prices. I've never been disappointed with something I've purchased there. It may not be quite as cheap as a Forever 21 or something, but the quality is worth it! I've had this white blouse for over a year now and it is still in perfect condition. The last time a bought a similar white blouse from a place called Love Culture...it lasted about two wears/washes before a seam came unraveled...meaning I had to replace it (the fabric was so cheap I couldn't even mend it) therefore it ended up just costing me money.

Say it with me girls...TARGET:
These boots are from Target. TARGET! They look just like a $300+ pair I saw a while back. Well these I got on clearance for less than $30. Target is one of those places that you just have to keep an eye out at. Their selection isn't always fabulous but sometimes...BAM! The perfect piece. I will say, I HATE the way their denim fits but their comfy pants are wonderful. I have found that their shoes are pretty comfortable, especially compared with other shoes at that price point. 

Last one for today is Poshmark:
If you've ready just about any of my past posts...you've seen me mention Poshmark. A ton of my name brand pieces I found on this delightful app. I also sell a ton of my things that I no longer wear through the app, resulting in essentially trading earned credits for new, name brand pieces also listed on the site. I find a lot of great J. Crew and Tory Burch there! My closet name is @talshooster if you want to shop my closet!

Before I wrap up this post...one last thing.
There is one thing that I DON'T buy cheap. Can you guess what it is? 
Black leggings. Or black pants that resemble leggings. 
The only time I purchase cheap "leggings" is if I plan on ALWAYS wearing them under a dress or a tunic. Cheap leggings do not equal pants...they just don't. 
I saw a girl wearing cheap black leggings the other day. She was also wearing a thong. You know how I know? Well, she was walking along the side of the road at night. As I drove past her, my headlights shown on your "behind" and I saw right through her poor "pants". I saw her whole booty and her choice of underwear for the day. I'm not being mean, I genuinely felt bad for her...heck I was embarrassed. Don't be that girl. It isn't worth it. Cheap leggings are SEE THROUGH. Please be responsible and always check how sheer your leggings are before choosing to wear them as pants.
J. Crew has developed the perfect "legging-esque" pant. It's called the Pixie Pant and its what I'm wearing in these photos. They aren't cheap, but wait until they are running a promotion, then get yourself a pair. Trust me, they're worth it. 
Okay, I just typed the word "leggings" entirely too many times. 

Also, the display in the window behind me just made me want to re-decorate the house. It was all I thought about while shooting these pictures! 

~Yay Thursday!~