Naughty and Nice

White Tee (I sized up one for a looser fit) | Jeans | Heels (go down one size) | Hat (on sale!) | Bag (I also love this!) | Watch | Necklace | Sunglasses | Lips in Chanel Rose Comete'

I cannot tell you how excited I am that Spring is here. Don't get me wrong, I love winter, I really do...but there's just something about Spring. It is quite cliche' but it is so for a reason. I'm sure you know exactly what I mean as I'm sure you are most likely equally as excited. This season also holds a lot of very exciting things for me; Aya turns 1 (WHAT?!), Judah turns 3, Sam and I go to Mexico, my childhood best friend is getting married, its my "Golden Birthday"...the list goes on. How could I not be excited? I'm also slightly fearing that insanity is inevitable with all of those fabulous things. Fun but crazy (worth it!). Now that the season has officially arrived, I just need to dig down deep, make a plan, then relax, come to terms with the fact that life is going to mess up "the plan" and that it will still be beautiful, and give it over to God (longest run-on sentence ever?). Seriously though, let the planning and praying commence!

One of my absolute-top-must-haves for Spring and Summer is a great, basic white tee. I'm loving this one. In fact, I love it so much that I bought two because 1. what if it gets horribly stained and 2. one won't possibly be clean whenever I want to wear it. I did go up one size for a bit of a looser fit. This is fine until I bend over...then everyone gets a bit of a scenic view...I should probably invest in some more nude undershirts. 
Back to the point, white shirts are crucial. They go with EVERYTHING. Seriously, their potential is limitless. One thing about white tees that you just have to come to terms with: THEY WILL GET YUCKY GROSS ARM PIT STAINS. I cringed just typing that. It seriously grosses me out. It is true though, you might get a couple of good years out of them but it will eventually happen and when it MUST toss them. You really have to, don't wear that in public. Because of this, I don't like to spend very much on white tees. There was this one moment about five years ago that I fell in love with a white, Vince tee. It was the softest thing I had ever touched. It was also $60. $60!!! I bought it. I did. It was stupid. I still have it. I never wear it...I'm terrified to. Every now and then when I'm freshly showered I'll wear it until bedtime. Don't do that. Don't spend a ridiculous amount of money on a white tee. Learn from my mistakes. Heck, even if you have $50+ to spend on a white tee, don't! Go feed 40 homeless for the day (seriously, you can feed about 40 people for about $50). I'll end that rant now. You can do what you want. But for reals, (I just realized I that I still sometimes say "for reals") there are a ton of great tees at reasonable prices.

This is one of my favorite. looks. ever. I love the feminine but tough combo that it offers. It's classic but current and it has all of my favorite colors. Yet another example of just how well white, black and pastels go together. My thought here started with the jeans and heels. A white tee was an obvious choice. Then came the hat, it tied the jeans in perfectly and took things from "a tee and jeans" to "an outfit" (hope that makes sense). I also loved that the baby blue ribbon on the hat kept with the pastel vibe from the heels. Last was the bag. I originally thought of wearing a blush pink bag but then I pulled this one out of the closet and liked the added pattern and the fact that the blue perfectly matched the hat ribbon et Voila'! an outfit was born. Finished it off with some delicate gold jewelry and an organic, horn watch and I was good to go for dinner with some dear friends (it was italian and I managed to not stain my shirt. Success!) Also, don't mind the white rubber band on my was from the roses. I absentmindedly put it on my wrist and halfway through the shoot realized it was there. Congratulations...your stylist is an airhead!

And those roses....I just love 'em! Roses, as classic as they are, are definitely having their moment right now. They're (almost) the new Peony (gasp!).

~Have a happy Monday!~