Beachside Mint & Pink: Part I

Cover-up (Asos, no longer available, similar herehere & here | Hat | Tote | Sandals | Sunglasses

I am obsessed with this full, breezy coverup. Feeling it blow in the wind kind of makes you feel like some kind of sea goddess (yes, I know how cheesy I am). Seriously though...the wind is so much more romantic when you have yards of fabric swirling around you. Not to mention, a lightweight option like this one keeps you cool while covering you up. I felt completely comfortable grabbing a snack in the hotel, or sitting at the hotel bar before hitting the beach. I definitely sat down on the sand while wearing this and hugely underestimated how high the tide tooshie got soaked. Thankfully, because it is so lightweight it dried out very quickly and I didn't have to walk around the rest of the day with a wet behind. I'm not going to lie, my sister bought this Asos coverup last year in white and once I saw her wear it I fell in love. I obviously ordered the pink version and I'm so glad I did! It will definitely come in handy this summer.  This hat has been one of my favorite purchases this season, especially with swimwear. It also looks adorable with a cute sundress. It's wide brim does a fabulous job of protecting me from the sun and I love its retro vibe. 
Sharing all of these pictures with you really makes me want to pack a bag and head back to the beach. I learned while we were in Cancun that during the summer months you can snorkel with Whale Sharks!!! How awesome is that?! I've already shared that I'm ridiculously obsessed with sharks (really all marine life) and I think Whale Sharks are fascinating. Unfortunately we were too early in the season to do it, but I am definitely going to plan another trip back during the summer months so I can get in the water with some gentle giants! I've seen many large whales before while on a boat but I can't imagine being IN THE WATER with an animal as large as a Whale Shark. I mean I did a cage dive with Galapagos Sharks that were between 7-11 ft. long but I was in a cage...not snorkeling with them. I'm pretty sure it is going to be life changing and you can bet that I'll tell you all about it when it happens!
Check back tomorrow to see what I'm wearing under the coverup ;)

~What's the biggest sea animal you've swam with?~