Beachside Mint & Pink: Part II

Swimsuit (runs small, order one size up) | Hat | Tote | Sandals | Sunglasses

I think one-pieces are just adorable. Not so much when I was child...the options were pretty slim for one-pieces and they all looked like wedgie-inducing gymnastic leotards. Thank goodness that the one-pieces of today come in many varieties! My top three favorite places to find one-piece swimsuits are: J. Crew, Tory Burch & Asos. Between those three places you get a variety of options as well as price ranges. J. Crew's swim is great but if it is a "cupped" option, I'm warning you to leave that to the small-chested gals...they didn't have "Mom Boobs" in mind when designing those. Thankfully, Asos does offer styles for ladies with small ribcages and large...well, you get the idea. Tory Burch suits are always just so wonderfully classic. If you choose one of hers, get it in a basic color/print like navy or black and that thing will last you for years! I much prefer one-pieces to two-pieces when I'm doing something active in the water like snorkeling or just don't have to worry as much about everything staying where it should. There is one major drawback and that is using the restroom. I'm not sure why I'm even talking about this, but it is such a hassle to pull a wet, sticky bathing suit all the way down your body and then back up again...ugh, I hate it. Oh well, I always survive but I'm really glad people aren't able to witness the "dance" I do while trying to wriggle back into a wet suit. 
Moving on...
A great trend that I'm noticing for suits is a halter top (like the one I'm wearing). I love the halter top style in both one and two-pieces and its a great modern update to the swimsuit. I will say that tan lines aren't the greatest so just be mindful of making sure your skin is protected. Unless you're planning on wearing halter tops everyday for the next just isn't a good look. 
One last thing that I really love about this suit is the low back. It felt very elegant and I love feeling the sun on my skin. 
I shared in my last post about the hat but I would like to say a bit about the sandals. When wearing pastel colors like pink and mint, I really like what a metallic shoe or bag adds to the look. Also, when you're wearing isn't always an option so I like to think of the sandals I choose as functional jewelry for my suit. Just having a bit of "shiny" makes me happy.

~What swimsuit do you like best?~