Beachy Breezy

Cover up | Hat (J. Crew, no longer available but similar here & here | Bikini (Victoria's Secret, no longer available but similar here & here | Sunglasses (Burberry, no longer available but similar here & here | Sandals (Tory Burch, no longer available but similar herehere & here | Lips in No. 4

When I started to pack for Cancun, it dawned on me that I would be wearing a swimsuit for only the second time since Aya was born. Now I have a decent level of self-confidence but that realization still made my heart beat just a bit faster. Most of the suits that I packed were one pieces or high waisted and hid the one area that I still sometimes "struggle" with when I look in the mirror (my tummy). Then I thought to myself...this is ridiculous. I mean I love good one pieces and all of that but I am going to Cancun with my husband...he would probably appreciate a little skin and am I really going to let a stupid little insecurity keep me from feeling sexy? Nope. Honestly, it did me a lot of good to slap on a bikini and head down to the beach with Sam. I really don't like parading myself around in front of strangers and that is where this fabulous cover-up came in handy but it was nice feeling the sun on my skin while feeling good in my skin while looking good for my man. The fact of the matter is, I love my body, stomach and all. So does Sam. So do my kids, and my friends, and my family. Yeah, my stomach muscles are stretched out a bit from growing a human being...that's okay. How silly would it be to let that keep me from enjoying spending time with my husband on vacation? I know we all have things about ourselves that we may not consider "perfect" but don't ever let that keep you from living. It isn't worth it. Our bodies are all beautiful and are a gift to us. I have a pretty healthy body that allows me to get on a plane, fly to Mexico and swim in the ocean...what's not to love?
As we head into summer, I'm challenging you to really reflect and ask yourself how your insecurities hold you it really worth it? Is it worth not living life to the fullest? Is it worth limiting your potential or the memories you make? I know that it isn't for me. I can look at my "softer-than-I-might-like" tummy and see that it is still beautiful and that it has done beautiful things. So, here I am posting my a for all to see. Not to show myself off and have people compare their bodies to mine (if you are doing that...just stop. you have your own awesome body) but to prove to myself that there is nothing about my body that should keep me from showing you my outfit. There's nothing about my body to be ashamed of. That's true for me and it's true for you.

~Enjoy your day!~