Blue Ombre'

Tunic (on sale!) | Hat  (on sale!) | Sandals | Sunglasses | Lips in Chanel Rose Comete'

I cannot even begin to tell you how soft this tunic is. It is such a great piece to have in your closet. I, obviously, am wearing it at the beach over a swimsuit, but it can be worn many ways, many places. I am REALLY excited to wear it again. The ombre' dye job is a really fun twist on a classic tunic and adds some summer whimsy. I love wearing black and blue together but it can be a challenging color combo. This hat is a great way to wear these two colors together while tying them in perfectly. Also, both the hat and the tunic are currently on sale so click the links and check them out before they're gone. cools are these hammocks? They were death traps. Seriously the most challenging hammocks I've ever nearly-killed-myself-laying-in. The only hammock instance as challenging was a year ago in Puerto Vallarta when I was about 8 months can imagine how that would make navigating a piece of fabric tied between two trees tricky. However, the hammocks in Puerto Vallarta had nothing on these roll-up window shades. I can't even imagine trying to use one of these while preggo! Sam was simultaneously humored and irritated by how long it was taking me to sit on this stupid thing so he could take the dang pictures...I should have made him get in one...he would have understood. 

In my next post I'm sharing the swimsuit that I wore with this so check back for that!

~Happy Monday!~