I'm Not Dead

Cardigan (old J. Crew, similar here and here) | Tee (old Madewell, similar here and here) | Pants | Shoes | Sunglasses | Bag | Lips are Chanel in Palpitante

I promise I'm not dead. I've been MIA for two reasons. 1) we took a trip to the mountains over the weekend. We went with friends and it was fabulous except that I became very sick which leads me to 2) I have the flu. 
Today was the first day I've left the house since returning from Pagosa Springs (which I highly recommend). I have been "fever free" for over 24 hours now and can hold my precious babies again. I slept upstairs alone while they slept downstairs with Daddy. It was torture, except that I slept wonderfully. I just really missed not being able to be close to them. Now I can't stop hugging them.
Also, I slept through the most beautiful days we've had this year. Seriously, the weather was perfect (or so they tell me). I left the house for all of one hour today and it is really gross outside. Overcast, kind of cold but not really raining either. Just blah. At least the weather matches how I feel. A high fever for 6+ days kind of takes it out of you. Just sitting upright for too long makes me feel lightheaded. I'll stop complaining...at least I'm getting better! Not to mention, between my husband, my sister and some great friends I've had a lot of help. I really need to muster up some energy and start packing for Sam and I's upcoming trip! (more on that later). For now I am going to get off of here, eat my sushi that just arrived and go back to bed. 

~Hope you stay happy and healthy!~