My Favorite Suit

Swimsuit | Hat | Sunglasses | Sandals | Lips in Chanel Rose Comete'

Sam got me this swimsuit as a gift a few years ago when it was first released. I was so impressed that he picked out such a perfect suit! It sold out almost immediately and quickly became a Pinterest favorite. It has been brought back! You can click on the highlighted words above to be linked to it. It is probably my favorite swimsuit of all time. I feel very comfortable in it but still sexy. I also love that you can easily tuck the straps and convert it into a strapless. I love most crochet swim wear. It has also been popular for a number of years now and should be here to stay for a while longer. Basically, that means that you don't have to worry about it going "out of style" right after you buy it...I know I'll be wearing my crochet gear for a while yet! Maybe the thing that I love the most about this particular suit is that I genuinely think that it works very well for small and large busts. It can be very challenging to find suits to fit your particular size and rarely are there "one-size-fits-all" options. While I'm not promising that this suit will fit everyone, it's maybe the most versatile one I've seen yet.  It fits fairly true to size, if anything it is a tad small so if you are having a hard time deciding on a size, I would choose the larger of the two you're choosing between. 
I shared my saga of the hammock in my last post so be impressed that I managed to look so serene on that stupid thing with one leg bent in the air (no but for real). You may think me holding the hat is a prop ploy but really it was balancing me so I wouldn't flip out of that thing! I wonder if anyone has ever been killed by a hammock?...
Well I'm not sure why I have now spent TWO posts discussing the perils of Cancun's hammocks but there it is you know. 

I'm going to log off for now as I still have ALL of my packing to do (for me and the kids) for our trip tomorrow. Yep, I should probably get on that. Also, we have no clean clothes...laundry first, then packing. Wait, I forgot to plan dinner. Sushi night!

~Would you rock a crochet suit?~