Nautical Navy

Sweater (on sale!) | Shorts (Victoria's Secret, no longer available but similar here & here | Sandals | Bikini Top | Hat | Tote | Sunglasses | Lip in Chanel Rose Comete'

I am finally, finally, getting around to sharing all of my looks from Mexico. I had planned on blogging while I was there but Sam's computer broke the day that we got there so there was no blogging happening! I was honestly a little thankful that it happened so I could just relax guilt-free. I'm home now though and while I'm gearing up for ANOTHER trip (this time I'm staying in the United States) I am back to blogging and excited to share my trip with all of you. 
This look is from day one of our trip. We took a Catamaran trip to Isla Mujeres with the guests and wedding party (so mostly family) of the wedding we were there to attend. Since we were going to be on a boat and snorkeling, I obviously had to wear a bathing suit and wanted something to protect my shoulders from the sun. I knew that being on a boat all day on the first day would fry my Irish skin and something long-sleeved was necessary. I love this loose knit sweater as it gave me some protection without causing me to overheat. I also was wearing a ton of sunscreen which helped too! I also wore a hat in an attempt to keep the top of my head from burning (the worst). I will say, I wore hot pink bathing suit bottoms which bled onto my white shorts! I was not happy...I'm really hoping they aren't ruined forever. 
While we were on the excursion, I saw a stingray, we snorkeled off the boat, I took a ride on a Spinnaker off the back of the boat, and I may or may not have pet a wild 6 foot long Nurse shark (they have teeny tiny teeth). In case you didn't know, I have a slight obsession (complete obsession) with sharks.  I'm also pretty much convinced that I could live a very happy life on a boat. 
We took these pictures on the beach of our hotel which was absolutely stunning. We stayed at the RIU Palace Peninsula and I loved it's beach and the way they had the pools, chairs, lounge beds and hammocks set up on the beach. 

~Do you have a favorite spot in Mexico?~