Turquoise Waves

Top (Topshop, no longer available but similar here & here | Skirt | Sandals (Tory Burch, no longer available but similar herehere & here | Sunglasses | Necklace | Pave Rings | Turquoise Ring (Nordstrom, no longer available but similar here & here on sale!) | Watch | Lips

Are ya'll sick of seeing my beach posts yet? Well I promise I'm almost through...just a couple more and then I have some really exciting "every day" things to share with you! Until then, let me tell you about this skirt...basically its fabulous. I love the double splits in it (they aren't too high which is awesome!). It has a shorter "underskirt" so it isn't actually a sheer skirt...only the loose flowy (not actually a word) pieces are sheer. I'll be honest, it is really just a lot of fun to wear. It was a little long with my flat sandals but I forgot to pack the wedges I wanted to wear with it (oops) so I'm sure I'll be re-wearing this skirt soon with a more intentional shoe choice. I liked the versatility of this outfit (per the usual) as it is great for a number of daytime activities as well as dinner. "No outfit change required" may be a little boring but it sure comes in handy when you are short on time or are traveling and trying not to overpack. I was feeling the "free-spirit-hippie-festival" vibe so I added a horn necklace and turquoise ring (what else?). In all seriousness, I love that I can incorporate that style into mine and love the outcome. The pieces were modern enough to still be "me" while changing it up just a bit. That's part of the fun of fashion...the freedom to reimagine yourself and to express the many different parts that make you "you". Of course there are many ways to do this aside from what you wear but as a creative type, I gravitate toward expressing how I feel through what I wear. Not everyone understands it but when I go shopping and I find something that I like, sometimes it serves a practical purpose but often it "speaks to me". I know how terribly corny that sounds, but what I mean is that it expresses an aspect of myself. It makes me feel something about myself and wearing it will bring out that aspect of myself. Now, I can be myself no matter what I'm wearing. I am in no way basing my confidence and personality on something as material as clothing, but in a way it feels like playing a part in the story of my life. Who do I want to be today...a chicly eclectic artist or a carefree adventurer? It isn't that I'm pretending, I am both of those things (and many more), but some days I want to "feel" more one than the other. I've always said that I really don't fit into any one box, most of us don't. We are complex and unique and that's what makes us beautiful. I like to think about the things that make me feel like "me". Whether its what outfit I wear, what I choose to think about, what I spend my time doing...I am always wanting to be more intentional about living out and really feeling the person that God made me. As many ways as there are to do this, nothing is quite as good as listening and meditating on the  identity that The Lord has given me. He has told me many things about who I am and how He feels about me and that makes me feel the most "me". It's also really fun to choose an outfit that expresses who I am. 

~What makes you feel like "you"?~