Dress | Heels (Sam Edelman, no longer available but similar here: 123) | Tote Bag | Watch | Jewelry | Lips: 1 & 2

After weeks of rain...THE SUN! It still showers at least once a day but that I can handle. I have been waiting and waiting to wear this beautiful dress from Meraki Moon, as it is not really something you want to wear in the rain, and I was so excited that the sun was out yesterday! I wore it for blog meetings all day and then out to date night with my man. It is so wonderfully flow-y and billowy and beautiful...just be sure to take precautionary measures with your underclothes. Thank goodness I did because the bottom of the dress definitely got caught up in my purse at one point and I accidentally gave a couple of gentlemen a "show". They didn't actually see anything as I was wearing my maternity spanx (oh so sexy) but we all had a good laugh about it. Nothing quite like laughing with complete strangers because you were the idiot that let her dress get caught in her bag! Fabulous. Aside from that faux pas...wearing the dress was magical. I decided on fairly neutral shoes and accessories but it would look so adorable with bright colors too wouldn't it?! I also am looking forward to wearing it over jeans with some cute boots...oh the possibilities. Let me just say that you will not be disappointed by this dress or anything that you get at Meraki Moon. Not only do they carry adorable pieces but they are at excellent price points! I highly recommend checking them out. Let me know what you think if you do!
I want to share a little about our date night. It was wonderful. As a late birthday present, Sam took me  antiquing. We stopped in a lot of really great places and saw some exquisite antiques but my favorite find was an old book store called The Printed Page. Sam treated me to a number of old books that I am incredibly excited about. He absolutely knows the way to my heart...antique books. After that we had wine and cheese at The Village Cork. We have been talking about trying out the place for years (seriously, years) and finally got around to it. Again...incredible. Followed that up with a movie (we saw Tomorrowland...definitely thought it was geared toward an older crowd but it was good) and then headed home to hang out with the kiddos. We always miss them on our "work days". 
It was really fun having such a feminine look for date night. Sam loved it too which is always good, especially for a date. If you like this look, then check back the next couple of weeks as I'll be wearing another of their pieces on the blog!

*this is not a sponsored post...all opinions are my own (they always are, I'm very opinionated).

~Happy Wednesday~

p.s. how cute are the Momma and baby ducks that were swimming along while we were taking pictures?!