Mother's Day Gift Guide with Jewelius

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I am thrilled to introduce local boutique Jewelius to you! I recently met the owner Rachel and I fell in love with her shop. I snatched up this gray dress I'm wearing as soon as I saw it and knew immediately that I wanted to share this incredible find with you! Located in the Denver Highlands, this expertly curated boutique is filled with beautiful, on trend pieces. 

Since Mother's Day is just around the corner, Rachel asked me to share some of my top picks for Mother's Day gifts. If you are a last-minute shopper, trying to order something online that will arrive in time can be tricky. It is much safer to stay local and go pick the perfect gift up yourself from Jewelius. While flowers and champagne are always appreciated, go the extra mile and pick up something special.

Below are some of my favorite gifts for Mother's Day

1. Statement Jewelry
Here I have two statement rings and a statement necklace pictured. If the Mother you are shopping for is a bit of a fashionista with a penchant for bling, then this is a great option!

2. Graphic Pouch
There are a number of adorable graphic pouches at Jewelius and they each have a different snarky saying. This "Champagne O'clock" was my favorite, but I love all of them! This is the perfect multi-purpose gift for the Mom that likes to stay organized. It's affordable and full of personality.

3. Bucket Bag
The newest trend in bags is the "bucket bag". Very versatile and easy to wear with their cross body strap, the bucket bag is the perfect update to any woman's accessory closet. You won't find better priced options for such on-trend bags of this quality!

4. Pastel & Neon Bag
Nothing says Summer like light and bright colors. I love both of the mint and neon-green bags. Both are surprisingly versatile and add the perfect pop of color to any outfit. I highly recommend one of these if you are shopping for a younger mom who enjoys color!

5. Kids Graphic Tee & Thermal Tote
This is the perfect combination gift for the always-on-the-go mom with toddlers. She will love these absolutely precious tees for her sweet little ones as well as this ultra practical (and cute) thermal tote for days out and about. 

6. Print Scarf
There is no shortage of lovely scarves at Jewelius! I personally have a thing for scarves and they are one of my favorite go-to gifts. You never have to worry about buying the right size when you are giving a scarf as a gift. I loved the selection of Spring colors and prints as well as the basic options that are offered at Jewelius. There is definitely a scarf option for everyone. 

7. Summer Dress
Who doesn't love a breezy summer dress? And you can't go wrong with white lace! There were a number of lovely dresses that would make the perfect Mother's Day gift, but I particularly liked this lace-y number. It is the perfect canvas for layering on the jewels, or accessorizing with a bag and shoes (not to mention it's know how important that is!) If you're looking to give a gift that you're sure she'll wear...this is a great option!

8. Delicate Rings & Bracelets
If you're unsure of what jewelry to purchase as a gift, these are perfect! Everyone loves dainty pave' layering pieces, especially when they're rings and bracelets. The woman who prefers subtle jewelry will fall in love with their beautiful simplicity and someone like myself (not afraid of some bling) will enjoy layering them together, or with other bracelets and rings.

9. Layering Necklaces
While these necklaces can be purchased separately, I especially love them layered like this. It is the perfect in-between if you're not sure whether to go with a "statement" piece or a "dainty" piece. Combine a few complementing necklaces as we have here and let her choose how she wants to wear them! If you're not sure how to put together the perfect combination, don't hesitate to ask Rachel when you're in the store...she knows what she's doing!

Between the amazing options that are offered, and the incredible prices for every budget, I can't recommend Jewelious Boutique highly enough. I actually found two awesome pairs of jeans the last time I was there, both of which were identical to pairs that I have been wanting but refused to purchase because of their cost. When I saw the denim at Jewelious that looked just like them, I had to try them on! I fell in love with the fit and feel of both. The best part? The combined price of BOTH pairs was still significantly lower than ONE of the name brand options I have seen! Seriously, two for less than the price of one.
Basically, you have no excuse for not finding the perfect Mother's Day gift, haha! 

In all seriousness, mothers are precious and deserve to be celebrated and appreciated. Don't forget to show the women in your life how much they mean to you.

Now...throw on some clothes and head over to Jewelius!

2405 W 32nd Avenue
Denver, CO 80211

I promise you'll love it!

*This is not a sponsored post...I really love the store this much ;)