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Tank  | Overalls | Heels | Watch | Lips are Kate Spade

Yikes, it's been a bit since I've been on here. Just a little bit has happened this last week. Basically, we went under contract on an adorable 120 year old Victorian house. It is a bit of a project but we love it. However, we have to sell our house in order to close on the new house. So, once we went under contract we had to list our house and get it into tip-top shape for showings. WOW. Keeping your house literally perfectly clean with two kids and two dogs is...interesting. And you can't hide things anywhere. People need to come in and open all of the closet doors, and look in the garage, etc. All of those places need to be neat and tidy. Once we got it all that way, we had to keep it that way. Now while my house is not always clean it usually isn't too bad and is generally tidy. Having to keep the floor perfectly clean and the sink empty of dishes with little ones who are constantly making messes and dirtying dishes is a little more challenging than my usual routine of "picking up after them and then vacuuming at night". You have to be ready at all times for a real estate agent to call and tell you they are  bringing a prospective buyer by in an hour. Any of you who have sold your homes know what I'm talking about. But, we did it! Our house went under contract within two days of listing it! So, now we are just praying that everything works out and that our house does sell so we can officially purchase the new one. 
As you can imagine, all of this house business has kept me pretty busy. Especially since Sam was out of town all weekend so I had to keep the kids and dogs out of the house for showing by myself (haha, I'm a little tired). But I'm back now and I have some really fun looks planned featuring some local boutiques!
Here I am wearing a tank and overalls from Jewelius. You may have seen their feature in my Mother's Day post. If not, be sure to check it out! I just thought that these overalls were really fun and while I took a basic route with the white tank, there are actually a number of ways they can be worn. I love them with the overall straps worn down, off the shoulders hanging at the waist with a fitted tee tucked in underneath the overalls. They also look really cute with a blazer over them and I love dressing them up with fun heels!
Overalls can be a really great way to mix up the basic "blue jean routine". Find an affordable pair, like these from Jewelius, and just have fun with them!

Before I go, I ask that you pray for two things for me...1, that this rain lets up so I can shoot some Spring looks, lol, and 2, that everything goes the way The Lord wants it to concerning our home situation. Ultimately, we want whatever it is that He has for us so please pray for that!
Thank you loves!

~Happy Monday~