Shades of Black

Top (no longer available but similar here: 123) | Denim | Hat (J. Crew, no longer available but similar here) | Wedges (Sole Society, no longer available but similar here: 12, 3) | Bag (Tory Burch, no longer available but similar here: 1234) | Bracelet (J. Crew, no longer available but similar here: 12) | Lips are Chanel in Bonheur

It's Monday ya'll. You obviously already know that...I think I just need to come to terms with it. I am wore out. tired. exhausted. It was a wonderful weekend but between two birthday parties and Mother's Day, I'm done. Well, I would like to be done. I have a to-do list a mile long as we are FINALLY under contract on a house (yay!) Praying that it works out exactly the way that it is supposed to. much as I would like to watch Netflix all day, I cannot (sad face). I just loaded up on espresso this morning and have been eating extra protein for some prolonged energy and lots and lots of prayer. 
On another note, I am featured on 303 Magazine's website today so be sure to check that out! I feel completely honored and blessed to have had this opportunity to get to know and work with some of the people at 303 Magazine. You can also follow them on Instagram (@303magazine & @303_fashion) and like them on Facebook. 
Moving on...
The sun is out after days and days of rain and quite the snowstorm. I am extremely excited about this as I have a few really awesome looks and collaborations that I can shoot now that the weather will allow it. I really cannot wait to show it all to you!
I will also be keeping you updated on the house situation...its going to be awesome with lots of DIY's!

~Come back soon and happy Monday!~