That 70's Vibe

Top (J. Crew, no longer available but similar here: 12345) | White Denim (size up) | Heels | Clutch (J. Crew Factory, no longer available but similar here: 123) | Sunglasses (Cynthia Rowley, no longer available but similar here: 123) | Watch | Earrings (Tory Burch, no longer available but similar here: 123) | Lips are Chanel in Rose Comete' here in No. 7

I have never been a huge "orange person" but once I thought of combining it with blush pink...a whole new world! Okay, so I may be over-exaggerating just a tad but it seriously is an awesome combo! It is a very "mod" color palette (think 60's and 70's) so I knew that the perfect top to wear with my orange clutch was this lovely button-up. I love how it is a modern take on a vintage look with it's slightly "belled" sleeves and throwback embroidery pattern (for those of you who may not have realized this yet...the 60's and 70's are having a moment...I'm not complaining). I almost wore head to toe pink with the orange but opted for my white denim last minute to break up the look just a bit and to make it a little more interesting. I carried the retro feel through with my oversized, resin sunglasses. If you are looking for a way to freshen up your wardrobe then try this color combination! It is a lot of fun to play with and probably allows you to wear things together that you never have before. Also, try shopping your closet to see what vintage-inspired pieces you may have. I'll be wearing some awesome "bell bottom" jeans here soon so there's even more inspiration coming! (I guess there is always "more inspiration coming", that's pretty much the point of a fashion blog, haha). 
I want to take just a sec to talk about this top. I purchased it from J. Crew in the fall and I am so glad that I did! I liked it immediately but it admittedly was a little out of my comfort zone. I bought it anyway (I had a gift card so I felt like I had a good excuse to be adventurous, haha). Every time I have worn it I have received compliments on it from strangers. It actually has been really great for me as a reinforcement of what I already know...wear what makes YOU happy. Usually, people like seeing you in what you like to wear. I'm not saying to stay in your box and never venture outside of what you're comfortable with because it is "safe". I'm saying, if you like something, wear it. Obviously, make sure that it is appropriate for the time and place that you are wearing it (probably shouldn't wear a hot pink dress to a funeral) but if that funky, 70's blouse makes you feel something...get it! I have known this for a long time but it is easy, especially as a blogger, to get caught up in the "what will people like" mindset. Screw that. What do you like? What do I like? While I do get off course every now and then and play it "safe", that is how I try to live. So...hopefully you like the top I'm wearing! hahaha, I kid, I kid. 

Photography by Michaella Photography

~How would you wear this color combo?~