That Thing Called Color

Sweatshirt (J. Crew Factory, no longer available but similar here: 123) | Jeans | Wedges (Carolina Espinosa, no longer available but similar here: 12345) | Bag | Watch | Sunglasses (Burberry, no longer available but similar here: 12) | Spike Bracelet | I.D. Bracelet | Lips

We all know how much I love pastels but I have been trying to be more intentional about working color into my daily looks. It can be hard when you have a "favorite thing" to wear. Whether it is a color, style or particular piece of clothing, I know I can get stuck in a rut and just default to what I know/what is easiest. When this happens I usually still "like" what I wear but I do become a bit bored. Here are the best ways that I have found to combat that:

1. Shop for color
Having a closet full of basics is always a good idea but don't limit those basics to earth tones, black and gray. "Basics" can come in color too. If you don't have enough bright, saturated hues in your closet, then be very intentional the next time you hit the mall and pick up a few pieces that you love. Make sure that they are versatile and easy for you to work into your existing wardrobe. Shoes, bags and sunglasses are great places to start incorporating color!

2. Plan ahead
Outfit planning is valuable for many reasons but I'm focusing on color today. Being more intentional about what you wear is always made easier by planning it out. Then you can try everything on and see what you like best. If you aren't used to wearing more colorful pieces, then I highly recommend having your own little fashion show. Try on your color with other things and see what you like, then plan out looks accordingly.

3. The rule of 1
This isn't a "rule". I don't really think that "rules" exist in fashion. This is really just an easy little formula to keep in the back of your mind in order to help you wear more color. You can wear all neutral/less saturated colors, but if you incorporate just one bright piece, it can change everything. It instantly makes everything more fun and probably more interesting. You don't have to overdo the color, you can always just wear one bright thing and you're already looking more colorful than you were before!

All in all, embrace color. It's beautiful. 
Lastly, I am very sorry that these heels are no longer available but I have linked to similar pairs in a variety of price ranges. Pink shoes are easy to wear with everything so that is a great place to start if you are looking to expand your color wardrobe!

~Do you love color?~