The Source of Inspiration

Sweater (H&M, no longer available but similar here: 123) | Jeans | Trench Coat | Boots | Tote | Watch | Lips 

So. much. rain. Seriously...a lot of rain. Rain is good, obviously. It grows things. I like rain, I really do, just not all at once for weeks on end. It is also very frustrating because I have to looks I really want to photograph and share with you but they do not mix well with 40 degree, rainy weather. Maybe we should take a little road trip to Arizona to shoot some looks! Haha. 
Disregard my cloudy boots. I really need to treat them. It is actually kind of sad that I haven' isn't at all difficult or time consuming really, I need to just do it because they look so much nicer when they're shiny. Speaking of my boots, I am so glad that I bit the bullet and invested in these a year ago. Living in a place with a lot of snow and rain (it rains almost every day in the afternoon during the Summer), having quality wellies is a huge plus. They are very durable and while I have them in a couple of other colors (found them on Poshmark) this red is maybe my favorite color. It is remarkably versatile and I love the pop of color.
We took these pics at "The Source" which is the cool, hip new place if ya didn't know. It really is awesome though. Great coffee, great food, cool atmosphere to work in...what's not to love? I love the really fun spaces that are popping up all over Denver. There is always something new to check out, a new restaurant to try, etc. I love small businesses and seeing so many entrepreneurs, artists and creatives as work. It makes me feel alive and brings out those things in myself. I truly think that if you can, live somewhere that inspires you. That can look so different for so many people. Sometimes it is the need in a place that inspires me. For example, the need for homeless outreach here in Colorado, specifically Denver is, is very inspiring to me. It inspires me to live out my beliefs. To live out my calling and purpose. To be successful so I can fund the ministries that God has put on my heart. Inspiration is crucial to whatever it is that God has put on your heart. I love discovering new sources of inspiration...I already have a long list and it seems to forever be growing as I open myself to new experiences. 
Not sure why I felt like sharing that, but sometimes when I just start typing things come out that I hadn't planned on. In any case, I hope that you enjoy my random rambling, ha!

~Happy Tuesday Loves!~