Traveling Pants

Long-sleeve Tee (Victoria's Secret, no longer available but similar here: 1234) | Pants | Flats (Tory Burch, no longer available but similar here: 123) | Bag | Watch | Ring (no longer available, similar here) | Lips

This last weekend (Memorial Day Weekend) we spent in Dallas. We were there doing some incredible ministry work with the leader of our church. While there we were able to visit the home church located in Dallas that our church in Denver came from (Upper Room Dallas & Upper Room Denver). We met so many new people and were able to see so many friends that we've made in the last year through Upper Room. The entire trip was wonderful. 
This is what I wore on the plane and the first day there. When it comes to traveling...I am all about casual comfort. When I saw these pants I knew they would be my "traveling pants". I was pleasantly surprised at how little they wrinkled after being on a plane for a couple of hours. I also think that they will look great with heels so I'm sure that will be happening soon. I chose my softest long sleeve tee to wear with them and a basic pair of flats. There are actually a lot of colors in the print of the pants making them extremely versatile (and they're on sale!). I decided on my white bag to brighten everything up just a bit. 
Can I just say that traveling with two kids that are 1 and 3 experience. They are actually excellent travelers but it is still challenging. Their carseats are MASSIVE as well as the stroller and hauling those through the airport while carrying/pushing Aya in the stroller and keeping an eye on Judah...whew. They did pretty good on the plane. Judah is an angel. He just plays games on the iPad or plays quietly with toys. Aya is a little more challenging but she was pretty taken with sitting next to the window and playing with the sliding window covering (what are those things called anyway?) Any of you moms out there who have flown with babies/toddlers know what it is like to travel with them. It can be a lot of fun but no matter what, it is exhausting. I did sleep great while we were there though...something about being that tired meant I was out as soon as my head hit the pillow. 
It was a great weekend (my birthday was on Sunday!) and I even got to see my dad and brother. I am very thankful for the opportunity to go and am also very glad to be home and back in the swing of things. And by swing of things, I mean working like a mad woman while trying to buy a house and sell a house, haha. God is blessing me with an incredible amount of peace and patience and I am so thankful for that. I also have an inexplicable amount of energy so I'm going to credit God for that as well. He always knows what I need and how to best provide it. 

~What do you love to travel in?~