5 Things

As much as I love doing outfit posts, I wanted to get a little more personal with all of you. I have decided to share five things about me. Any of you who know me will probably know most of these so if this is completely boring for you...I am sorry. I promise I will do some more obscure "Talyah Facts" in the future!

1. My Mother passed away when I was young.

On July 10th, 2001 my mother was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. She went from being a very healthy, beautiful young woman to very sick, very quickly. She suffered from grand mal seizures randomly after her diagnosis and was unable to drive or be left alone. She underwent a massive brain surgery as well as countless other treatments, medical and homeopathic. She was the bravest person I have ever known and she never gave up hope. She always said, "I know that God will heal me and give me victory, even if it isn't in this life." She knew even if she was not healed on this earth, she would defeat death and be healed with a perfect body on the new earth. Her biggest fear was leaving her children. She handled her illness with such grace and beauty and she was a blessing to all who knew her.
She passed away on July 11th, 2003, exactly two years and one day after her diagnosis. 
I am the oldest of four children and I was 12. This July will mark 12 years without her, I will have been without her for as long as I was with her.
While losing her has been one of the hardest things I have experienced, I am so thankful for the time that I had with her and for the legacy that I have because of her. She will forever be an inspiration and a strength to me and I know that our separation is only temporary. She waits for me and her grandchildren. 
Her name was Robin.

Sweater | Shorts

2. I collect old books.

I love to read and I always have. I taught myself to read (with a little help from my mom) when I was three and I have devoured books ever since. I have a particular fondness for antique books. One of my favorite things to do is explore used book stores in search of beautiful old books. I particularly look for any of the "classics" with beautiful covers and bindings. One day I will have a floor to ceiling bookshelf filled with my collection.
There's just nothing quite like an old book.

3. I have a love/hate relationship with bathtubs.

While I truly love a good bath (who doesn't?), bathtubs terrify me. I have to seriously, SERIOUSLY clean my own bathtub before I will get in it and even then I have to actively "not" think about the fact that I'm sitting in a bathtub that is 30 years old. When I go to a hotel, I don't even think about getting into the tub unless it is an excellent establishment and even then I request a THOROUGH cleaning of the tub, followed by an inspection by moi before I enjoy a soak. I don't know, there is just something about sitting in something that has held dirty bodies for years that really icks me out. Especially if the tub has seen bodies other than my family's, haha. Needless to say, I can't wait to remodel the bathroom in the new house. It will be the very first time I have had a new tub!

4. I grew up country.

Like, about as country as country can get.
Some of my best childhood memories are of climbing trees, wading through creeks, eating wild mulberries, campfires, catching snakes and toads, fishing and building teepees. The list of animals that we owned at one time or another is quite extensive and includes a baby coyote with cancer. It had  been abandoned and we rescued it. I love that I grew up with goats, chickens, cows, ducks, and horses. I learned so much from having animals. I hope to someday soon have some land where I can keep my horse and so the kiddos can have animals. I think there is something to growing up in wide open spaces, playing with the "toys" that God gave us in nature. Not to mention being in the wild is so incredibly relaxing, I definitely miss the feeling of mud between my toes!
And yes, I do own a pair of cowgirl boots. They don't make them out of the closet as often as I would like since my horse is still in Oklahoma but I've got 'em!

5. I have a tattoo.

It is usually hiding underneath my watch so most people don't notice it but it has made an appearance on Instagram a few times.
It says "lochemet" (low-ke-met) (get really "ch" with the pronunciation like the word "chanukah" for a more accurate pronunciation) which is the hebrew word for the female form of "warrior" or "fighter". I got it a few years ago after Judah was born.
For me personally, I think a tattoo is a very serious decision that I give A LOT of thought to. It is forever. This particular one has very significant meaning to me. Primarily, it was a word that the Lord had given to me a few years ago. I was going through a particularly difficult time with some people in my life and God reminded me that we do not fight a war of flesh and blood, but against the principalities of darkness. That it is a spiritual war. That I was a warrior for Him and his kingdom. That whatever "person" or "people" I was struggling with, "they" weren't really the problem so much as the enemy who thrives on causing discord in relationships. There was so much freedom in realizing that I didn't have to "fight" with people that I loved, but that I could "fight" the enemy through prayer and love. It helped me to set healthy guidelines in my relationships and to give the issues to the Lord. God reminded me that I need to always carry this perspective with me concerning life.
I never wanted to forget that and wanted a constant reminder of it. I thought about a piece of jewelry but the only piece of jewelry that I wear every day is my wedding/engagement ring. So, I decided on a tattoo. I even told myself to sit tight on the idea for a year and that if I still wanted the tattoo after a year, I would get it. Sure enough, after a year it was still every bit as important to me. So I got it and I have never once regretted it. It is a beautiful reminder to me of what this life is and where the struggles I face come from. It is part of my identity, a warrior for the kingdom. I am called and I am qualified through the Lord to wake up every day and fight the good fight. 
There was recently something else the Lord shared with me that I'm thinking about getting a tattoo of...we'll see what happens ;)

~Now you know a little bit more about what makes me "me"~