Do Me a Favor?

A couple of weeks ago I was having one of "those" days. There were 18 billion things I needed to do, including a handful of errands and the house was a mess and the kids were losing it and it was nap time and I still hadn't eaten anything. You know the days I mean, when you alone are just not enough and you need three clones of you. I was commiserating to Sam on the phone that "I just wish there was some kind of delivery service that delivered everything". Seriously, I would have killed for a cupcake and I really needed new mascara but who has time for cupcakes and mascara when there aren't any clean clothes for the kids? 

It exists people. That mythical delivery service that will bring you ANYTHING (almost...alcohol is off limits but that is pretty understandable). It's real, and it is in Denver. 
I would like to introduce you to Favor. This company will probably change my life. They will pick up and deliver whatever it is your little heart desires. This is really good for my time and really bad for my waistline, ha! 

Favor has just launched in Denver and are currently delivering to this area and are working on expanding that now. Don't live in that area? They were even willing to deliver to me at a coffee shop I frequent that IS in their delivery area. How great is that?!
They are open from 11am to 9pm seven days a week so you can get what you need all day long.
The delivery fee is only $6 plus 5% of the cost of the items but who can really put a price on the value of Voo Doo doughnuts delivered to your door?
Make friends with these heroes of bad days on Twitter and Instagram and download the app here so all of your delivery dreams can come true.

You can get even more info here!

Are you ready to order something yummy? Well the fabulous people at Favor have created a promo code for my readers that will waive your first delivery fee! Give them a round of applause wherever you are right now, even if you are in public, just get your hands a'clappin' for a second or two and then order your first delivery using this code: TALYS3

Are you excited?! I'm excited! Be sure to Instagram what you have delivered and tag Favor (@favor_denver) and me (@talshooster) because I'm creepy and want to see what you get!

~happy shopping!~