Four Years

Dress by Priscilla of Boston | Heels by BHLDN | Tuxedo by Hugo Boss | Rings by DeBeers | Bracelet by Target | Lips are Chanel in Rose Comete'

Today is our four year wedding anniversary. Four short years that have held so much. Buying our first home, three pregnancies, two births, the first years of our children's lives, giving a home to people who had none, job changes, travel, the worst flu of our lives, growing in the Lord, and buying our second home.
I had no idea on this day four years ago that so much would take place in such a short amount of time. And yet, here we are. Still in love, knowing each other and God better than ever before. The whirlwind that was this last four years, while at times incredibly difficult, have been the best of my life. They have carried in them the greatest blessings of my life and hope for the future. I have learned so much about who I am and who we are and I love it. I love the opportunities we have had to learn, to grow and to love. Life is not a is so much better than that. It is an adventure. It is a story unfolding right before our very eyes. A love story set in the greatest battle the world will ever know. There is pain, there will be pain. There are struggles, there will be struggles. There is life, there will be life. There is hope, there will be hope. There is joy, there will be joy. There is love, there will be love. I could not have chosen a better person to be a part of this story with me. I know this next year holds even more adventure and I feel excitement in my belly, rising up into my chest. That feeling you get when you are inspired, when you know something good is on the horizon but also something challenging. Something that will require "something" of you. That overwhelming excitement laced with the adrenaline of what feels like fear. But I am not afraid. There will be risk. What is adventure without risk? What is life or love without risk? I know we have been placed in this story together and I trust the author. I trust the path that He is leading us on. And I can't wait.

Photos by Artessa Photography

p.s. Yes...Sam's shirt is unbuttoned in the pic that the Aaronic Benediction is being said over us. It kept coming unbuttoned during the ceremony, it was hilarious!