Going Places

Top (J. Crew Factory, no longer available but similar here: 123) | Jeans are from Jewelius (similar here: 123) | Hat | Bag (Louis Vuitton, can be purchased in-stores. Similar here: 123) | Shoes (J. Crew, no longer available but similar here: 12345) | Watch | iPhone Case | Lips: here & here

Warm weather is here and adventure is in the air. I am currently planning a few trips and excursions around the city and in the mountains. Summer beckons me to explore so this year I am obliging. This is the first summer in four years that I haven't been pregnant or had a newborn. Getting out and doing things can be challenging when pregnant or with itty bitty babies. I am so excited that my little ones are at an age where they love getting out and doing things as well. Since they are both weaned, I can also leave them overnight and head out on adventures with Sam. We actually have a little trip coming up soon but more on that later! I am obsessed with taking the train into the mountains for a short trip and that is what inspired this look. I thought I would share my must-haves for a short mountain excursion:

1. The perfect hat
The mountain sun is especially intense, even on days that it isn't hot so I always take a hat to keep my scalp safe (also, they're cute).

2. Comfortable shoes
When I go hiking I obviously wear my hiking boots but for a quick trip exploring a mountain town, I prefer comfortable, flat espadrilles. They breath well and are easy on my feet while walking around.

3. Carry-all bag with cross body strap
Whether it is a day trip or an overnight trip, I like taking a slightly larger bag so I can carry everything I need. I like to always "be prepared" so that means I must have room for all of those things I might "need" (although I always seem to forget some of the important things! ha). I like a bag that has the option of a cross body strap because sometimes I need my hands free while traveling and I like being able to throw it on and not worry about it. I will caution you, don't use the cross body strap on a large bag while it is full. Only do so for short periods of time. If you need to use it for an extended time as a cross body then empty it as much as possible so it isn't straining the leather where the straps attach to the bag. It is easy to wear out and damage a bag this way so being careful with it will extend the life of your bag.

4. Classic watch
There is something charming about wearing a watch and a classic leather band is extra special. Call me old-fashioned, romantic...whatever, I like it. I mean if you are going to take a train into the mountains, you might as well commit and wear a great timepiece. I prefer black leather bands as a nice update on such a classic piece. Also, how much better is it to "look at the time" on your watch than to pull out your iPhone...you are on an adventure for goodness sake.

Okay, one last thing before I go (the kids are losing it and I think a drive in the car is in order. I may need a mountain get-away after today!) the jeans I'm wearing...they are from Jewelius Boutique in Denver and they are perfection. I did link to some similar pairs but if you are local...go to Jewelius! They are SO much more affordable there!

Alrighty that's it! See you tomorrow!

~Happy Monday~

The absolutely stunning photography is by Michaella Photography