Over the past few months, a number of you have asked about my hair routine and what products I use to keep my hair healthy. I have decided to share my "everyday" haircare routine and some of my favorite hair products so enjoy!

1. The first and maybe most important thing of all...I don't wash my hair everyday. I have naturally oily hair but once I moved to Colorado, which has a pretty dry climate, washing my hair daily was seriously drying it out. I was having a very hard time with how dry it was, especially with lightening my blonde. My ends were severely breaking off, it was a mess. I had never experienced anything like it before (Oklahoma, where I grew up, is quite humid). After much trial and error, I discovered Kerastase. My favorite for short hair is this Bain Volumifique as it helps add a bit of volume (they have a more moisture rich option for longer hair that I like as well). I started washing my hair every other day or even every two days with this goodness and things started to improve.

2. The next problem I was encountering was losing my blonde color too quickly. It started to fade very quickly so I started to use this color reviving balm. I love a number of Shu Uemura's products (they make a great volumizing powder) so  I wasn't exactly surprised when I fell in love with this one as well. You don't have to use it every day, I usually use it every other wash but you don't even have to use it that often. Once a week would probably get the job done. It takes a little longer as you have to leave it on your hair for 5-10 minutes but it is well worth the wait! I like it because not only does it protect my color, but it is moisturizing as well. I don't need to use any additional conditioner when I use this.

3. Back to Kerastase. For the washes that I'm not using the color reviver, I use this oleo-complexe hydrating mask. I only use it on my length/ends because if I did I would have very gross, oily roots. Just keep it on the ends as that's really where you need the moisture. This is a lot faster than the Shu Uemura as it only needs to be left on for a couple of minutes.

4. I am obsessed with this product. It is the tonic lotion from Bumble and Bumble. It smells like tea tree oil (because it has tea tree oil in it) and I absolutely LOVE the smell of tea tree. I just spritz this on my damp hair, all over. It is one of the only hydrating products that doesn't make my hair oily so I can use it all over. It also serves as a detangler so I can more easily comb out my wet hair. Our entire family uses this product. Sam loves and and it is great on the kid's hair as well. I use this after every wash. When I don't blow-dry my hair, I spritz this, comb, tousle and let dry. If I am blowdrying my hair, then after using this tonic lotion, I follow up with the product below.

5. Last but not least...on the days that I am using heat on my hair, I smooth a very small amount of this Nectar Thermique onto my ends to protect them from heat damage. I only apply it after combing my hair so the product doesn't get combed up against my roots. After working it into my ends, I gently blow-dry with a round brush. I am always very cautious when using any kind of a comb or brush on my hair to not rip or pull and break my ends.

There you have it! That's pretty much my hair routine. Something I am also very careful about is not using heat on my hair everyday. Giving my hair a break regularly really makes a difference in the health and strength of my hair.

Some of these products can be a little difficult to find but many salons carry them and you can always find them online!

~What's your favorite hair product?~

* This is not a sponsored post. These are the products I personally use and have for years.