Kinda Beachy

Dress | Lace Bandeau | Sandals (similar here: 12345) | Bag | Sunglasses | Lips

There are so many hilariously awesome things about these photos. 

1. This was supposed to be a "beach" shoot. Yes, Colorado is a landlocked state but I thought I would be creative and do a shoot at the sandy swim beach of a local lake. Ha. Mother Nature played me...the entire lake is completely flooded. The sandy beach is under about 15 ft. of water, haha. Pay attention to the pictures as to where the water is hitting those trees....those are not "marine trees"...those are trees that grow on dry land. There were picnic benches, buildings and even a dump truck under water. We just went with it and shot anyway...its a cool vibe...maybe a little post-apocalyptic (hahaha). Just envision this outfit on a white sand beach with a pina colada in my hand and we're good to go!

2. I have some seriously bruised legs. Rock climbing last week was spectacular but I have some pretty nasty bruises to show for it. My legs are all kinds of pretty colors now!

3. Did you notice my white with red hearts bandaids? Another consequence of my rock climbing. I needed the bandaids and I didn't want to take them off for the shoot. Besides, that's just real life. Bumps, bruises, bandaids...we're pretty soft creatures that get a little beat up, especially by a 50 ft. rock when your dangling against it on a rope. I never wear boring bandaids. If you have to wear one, why on earth would you wear an ugly "flesh colored" one? I prefer, polka dots, hearts, leopard, any super hero, Frozen get the idea. I apply the same philosophy to socks. Keeps life more fun.

I love the pictures though and I especially love the dress. It is from a local boutique in Boulder called Nod and Rose. I had the privilege of meeting the owner at Denver Fashion Week and I love all of the labels they carry. Boulder is a seriously awesome place to visit anyway so go ahead and plan a day trip. Eat some great food, enjoy some crazy street performers and shop! I also recommend taking a hike in Chautauqua National out for bears!
When Summer is at it's hottest I don't really even want to wear clothes. It's just so hot and sticky. This dress has such wonderfully open sides and it really lets the breeze in. Throw on a cute bandeau or bathing suit top underneath it and you have a way to keep cool on even the hottest of days. The fabric is nice and soft too and the colors (gray and pink...surprise surprise) are great.
I love the bright pops of the neon bandeau and the white shoes and bag. This dress would also look fab dressed up a bit with a great pair of mules or ankle boots. This will be a go-to in my closet this season for sure!

~~House Update!~~
We just found out that we have been approved for our loan and will be closing on the house soon. We will finally own a beautiful, 119 year old Victorian home that will be a complete and total project! Haha. Can't wait to show you all pictures and keep you updated with the progress as we restore it!

~Hang in there, Monday will be over soon. This one has been a doozy for me!~

Pictures by the brilliant Michaella Photography whose stunning photography got me featured on Anthropologie's Instagram (woot woot!) so be sure to check that out and give it a "like" if you haven't already ;)