Old Churches

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There is something romantic about beautiful, old churches don't you think? I can't help but imagine all of the things it has seen; weddings, funerals, dedications. All of the things it has heard; prayers of thanksgiving, worship, mourning, prayers of desperation, joy, celebration. All of the things and people it has held. Hearts of despair, hearts of hope. It's just a church. Only a building. A building that has probably experienced more emotion, seen and unseen, than any other building you will enter. Churches fascinate me. Houses of God. I love "churches", I really do. I enjoy their history, some good, some bad. I am so thankful that you can walk into a building that is dedicated to the sole purpose of serving God's people. I am a hopeless romantic. I will always think of a church's history, really any building's history for that matter, but I learned a long time ago that a church is just a building. It may be beautiful, it may have seen glorious things, but it is only a building. Walls and stone and concrete and sheetrock. I am so thankful for them, but while the Holy Spirit may be in a place, it is not only in a church. I am a house of God, a temple made holy by He who lives in me. I can commune and be in relationship with Him no matter where I am. I don't have to be inside of a building to be near to Him. I am in no way saying "don't go to church", my ramblings here aren't addressing that at all. What I am saying is that for years of my life, I would "wait" until I was in services on Shabbat to seek the Lord's presence. What I have learned and what I want to encourage you with is that if you have welcomed Him into your heart, His presence is in you. You can stop wherever you are, whenever you need Him and He will be there. What a beautiful thing. What a beautiful truth.
I still love old churches. I still get caught up in the history of a building and imagine what those walls must have seen. But I know that God made His dwelling place in my heart and upon my praise to Him. Why should I ever fear? Where can I go that He is not with me? It is so comforting to me that my guide, my protector and my provider walks beside me every day. 
Sometimes (most of the time even) life can be "unsure". We don't always know what to do or how things will work out. What we do know is that God is with us. We know that God is faithful. We know above all else that He loves us in a way that I am only just beginning to understand. It isn't like the way we love each other...it is so much more. It is like the weight of an ocean, like the largest wave breaking over you. Only instead of breaking you to pieces and crushing you, it washes over you and fills you with light, with life. THAT I get to carry with me everyday. I can live in that love and faithfulness every day if I choose to. 
I know this is a "style" blog. I know that you may not even have any idea what I am talking about. If you do, then be encouraged in whatever your struggles are. If you do not, then be encouraged because you can have His love. In fact, you already do...He is just waiting for you to reach out to him. 

I don't know why this has been on my heart or why I chose to share it here, but I did. It makes me feel vulnerable but that probably means that I'm doing what I am supposed to be doing. Being vulnerable is usually a good thing.

~Happy Tuesday~