Out of the Office

Tee | Skirt | Sandals (Tory Burch, currently unavailable but similar here: 123) | Hat | Watch | Necklace (J. Crew, no longer available but similar here: 12345) | Spike Bracelet | Lips are Chanel in Rose Comete'

I think that sometimes, especially for the working ladies, we feel like we have two closets; our "work clothes" closet and our "regular clothes" closet. Does it ever feel frustrating that you spend so much money on clothes that you feel like you can only wear "to the office"? Well, there are ways to incorporate each of those "closets" into each other and have your clothing do double time. Not only will you get more use out of the clothes you have, but it will allow for more interesting and unique outfits. I think that one of the easiest pieces to transfer out of your work closet is a pencil skirt. They look great anywhere, anytime. This is especially easy during the summer if it is a lighter color or patterned skirt. The options of what tops will go with a pencil skirt are endless but an insanely easy option is a tee shirt. I often will tuck a tee into a pencil skirt, and that is great, but for an even more laid back look, knot the bottom of a longer shirt. It not only gives off a more casual vibe but adds visual interest. I love this tee and even went back for another color as it is perfect for knotting (it is still long in the back, even when knotted). I struggle with wanting to always wear heels with a skirt but another great way to dress one down is by wearing flat sandals. A little more practical for your weekend wear. Throw on a hat and some fun, basic jewelry and you are all set for a great weekend look. 
Also, I was all too excited when shooting this look to go play in the fountains. I'm really a 5 year old in case you hadn't figured that out yet. Any excuse to play in the water!

~What is your toughest piece to transition?~

Pictures by Michaella Photography