Sweet Sweet Summertime

Top | Shorts | Straw Tote | Rings: hereherehere and here | Blanket | Sandals (Tory Burch, no longer available but similar here: 12345) | Sunglasses | Lips

Summer is here, the 4th of July is right around the corner and I am feeling it! I can't stop wearing summery dresses, jean shorts and breezy tops. I want to be outside all of the time, I'm tempted to buy a kayak and I always want a lemonade in my hand. This summer is a little different than most because I am so focused on getting our house officially sold, officially buying the new house, and moving all of our belongings. I have spent entirely too much time boxing up our possessions when I would really love to be eating dinner in the backyard (grilled pineapple chicken is calling my name). You know what though, it will all be worth it once we're settled into the new place, enjoying a peaceful meal in THAT backyard. Almost there! 
In the meantime, I'll keep spending every chance I can at the park, on a blanket, with a refreshing drink. 
I am really enjoying the "off the shoulder" trend that is going on this summer. I've always liked it as it makes me feel like a character in a story. It's just very "girly" and adventurous I think. Not to mention, it helps keep me cool on those really hot days and Sam enjoys seeing my shoulders so it's a win win! Ha! I don't think "the guys" always get our fashion choices but Sam is all about the shoulders so yay! 
So I am about to share a great life hack with ya'll....I rarely buy "real" picnic blankets. I bought one waterproof blanket at Bed Bath & Beyond and then I find cute tablecloths to throw over the waterproof pad. If the ground is dry then I obviously don't need the pad. In my experience it can be very challenging to find pretty picnic blankets and the ones I do find that I like usually cost a fortune. You can find beautiful tablecloths at affordable prices and they are pretty heavy duty. 
So enjoy that! 

I am going to spend the rest of my weekend packing up as much of my house as possible (and hopefully will sneak in a couple of hours outside!) so pray for me! You never really realize just how much "stuff" you have until you have to pack every last bit of it up. Let me tell you, there is a lot of purging that will be going on tomorrow! Whoever frequents the local Goodwill is going to get some nice stuff! Ha. 

~What are your weekend plans?~

Photography by the wonderful Michaella Photography