The "Perfect" Green Dress

Dress | Heels | Bag (Louis Vuitton, available in stores but similar here: 123) | Earrings | Pave' Bracelet (J. Crew, no longer available but similar here: 123) | Spike Bracelet  | Watch | Lips are Chanel in Rose Comete' and this gloss

First off, I know how wrinkled the dress is. I really hate wrinkles and wearing anything with serious wrinkles is just awful. I come by it honestly as my Dad is the exact same way...that man will stand over an ironing board until a shirt looks PERFECT (yes, I have him iron my clothes after taking them out of the suitcase when I visit him! haha). I didn't actually think that this dress would wrinkle badly when I packed it for the photo shoot but I was wrong. It did. My incredible photographer even tried to edit out the wrinkles but it just wasn't happening. You know though, that is just reality. None of us live in a perfect world. Even when we do iron and steam the "you know what" out of clothes, a lot of pieces wrinkle again as soon as you sit down. I rarely edit things like that out of my post, especially when it comes to my body. Did you notice the varicose vein in my leg? Yep, it is there. It is a little difficult to see in these pics but I promise it is there. I have had a decent sized one in my leg since I was about 17 and it became even worse after my pregnancies. That's life. Wrinkles, and varicose veins, and unruly hair and sometimes even spit-up stains. I know all of this is true so I try to go easy on myself, especially when it comes to this blog and putting looks together. Sometimes, it just isn't going to be perfect, and that is okay. Life isn't perfect, but it is still good. Really, really good. 

Speaking of this dress, there were two reasons that I bought, Sam LOVES this color on me and I have very few things this color, and two, it is so extremely versatile. I have worn this dressed down with sandals and I love it just as much that way. I really appreciate pieces that can take you from business meetings to weekends in the park. Having pieces like this in your closet is a great way to look chic even when headed to the grocery store. What is easier than throwing on a dress and sandals? Even if you do have a few'll still look fabulous! ;)

~Happy Wednesday~

Photography by Michaella Photography