The Pink Dress

Dress | Jean Jacket | Boots | Watch | Lips (on sale!)

When I saw this dress I knew it would be perfect for exploring downtown during our anniversary get-away. I love how simplistically girly it is with it's clean lines and nipped waist. And of course, its pink! It was raining on and off all day (it does that a lot here) so I kept my denim jacket with me and opted for boots instead of a cute pair of wedges. They were also more comfortable for walking around in so it worked out. 
We forgot to take an umbrella but The Crawford Hotel was kind enough to let us borrow one for the day. I don't usually mind being rained on but this dress rain-soaked would be a little too sheer for my preference so I was thankful for the umbrella! 
As the weather has really warmed up in Denver, I have found myself choosing easy to throw-on dresses out of my closet. Last year I always went with shorts but this year I'm really feeling dresses.  It probably has something to do with the fact that I was still nursing Aya last summer and was very limited with what dresses I could wear so I usually wore shorts and a top. This summer I can wear it all and I am just excited to enjoy cute dresses again!
Also, my hair is a little (entirely) "not fixed" here because we actually took these after our time at the spa. I was able to shower and put on just a bit of makeup but there wasn't really an opportunity to blow dry it properly or whip out the curling rod. Oh well, its not that I think it looks bad, just not the way I like it too. You know what I mean? No big deal though, I am just particular with my hair. In all honesty, since I've had kiddos, my hair rarely looks "exactly" as I would like for it too. Ain't nobody got time for that! (I'm mortified that I just "said" that but for transparency's sake I will not delete it).
With that I should probably go get some coffee because I'm starting to feel a bit loopy.
Is the weekend here yet?

~Happy Hump Day!~