Celebrate & Remember

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This holiday will always have a special place in my heart. Not only does it commemorate our nation's freedom and remember and celebrate the lives that volunteered to give us that freedom; it holds some of my happiest memories. Growing up, my 4th of July's were spent at my Aunt's house in the Oklahoma countryside. She had a beautiful pool (complete with a diving board and slide, we loved that!) and a fabulous deck that was perfect for grilling out and laughing with family. Those nights were always filled with lightening bugs, watermelon, hotdogs, sticky arms and legs from shave ice, cannonballs and of course, fireworks. 
My Mother loved to swim but after her diagnosis, it was almost impossible for her to since we never knew when her next seizure would happen. The last 4th of July we had with her, she was able to swim. My Dad got down into the pool with her and helped her to make sure she didn't get too tired. She had such joy on her face as she swam with her husband and kiddos that holiday. She passed away seven days later and I am so incredibly thankful that I have that memory of her. 
Celebrate and truly enjoy the life and freedom that you have...it is fleeting and it isn't guaranteed. Enjoy your families today. Make memories. Hug them tight and teach them about the history of this country. Teach them what our lives have been founded on and why. Our nation's history, and our own individual histories, are worth remembering.

~Enjoy your 4th~

Photography by Michaella Photographycele