Oh My Magnolia

Romper via Meraki Moon | Heels (Sole Society, no longer available but similar here: 12345 | Sunglasses | Clutch (Rebecca Minkoff, no longer available but similar here: 123 | Watch | Ring

I just need to take a moment to say that I really love my photographer. She is SO much more than just  my photographer, she is a beloved friend. However, I would like to talk about her photography in this moment because...how gorgeous are the pictures?! I mean seriously, she really is so talented! I love the images she creates and she is such a joy to work with. People like her are a true treasure and I can't brag on her enough! I feel like I can move on now that I have publicly acknowledged how much I love these pictures, haha.
Something that I really appreciate about this look is that it has a boho chic aspect to it combined with sophistication and professionalism. With all of those big words I am really trying to say that this is a look that is free-spirited and simultaneously could potentially be worn to (the right) office or day job. While I wouldn't necessarily classify it as "office appropriate", it definitely could fall into that category depending on you're particular place of employment. I really do love that it is sophisticated boho...such a perfect definition of a huge aspect of my personal style. This is just a really fun outfit that I enjoyed wearing and I honestly can't wait to wear it again. Double points because not only am I obsessed with it, Sam loves it too. The romper can be styled many different ways, so even though I am looking forward to repeating this look, I can easily style it differently in the future. The painterly magnolia print is simply beautiful and the cool colors give off just the right amount of a tropical flair.

Speaking of tropical...I discovered something today that I have to share with all of you;
It's really not that fantastic...except that it is. At least it is for me. In all honesty...it will be completely life changing for me. Okay, I guess after all of this hype I should probably just come out with it. 
Yesterday I bought a book listing the 50 best places in the world to kayak. While I am far from an expert kayaker, I do love it and can't wait to expand my kayaking prowess. The goal is to kayak the world and I figured the book would be a great resource as to where to start. And it was. About halfway through the book (and yes I've read on almost all 50 destinations in less than 24 hours, I'm that excited) I saw "Mexico". My initial thought was, "Oh hey, Mexico isn't that far away and is fairly inexpensive compared to these other destinations." As a read on about the Baja Peninsula and the Sea of Cortez, my eyes fell across the sentence "touch the baby gray whales." Yep. You can TOUCH BABY GRAY WHALES. IN THE WILD. FROM A BOAT. Now you can't kayak with the whales and their calves, I'm assuming because the curious babies would probably knock you right out of your kayak. If you kayak the Sea of Cortez you'll probably just sea leaping manta rays, full size gray whales and other average, boring sea life (I'm using extreme sarcasm here). As if that isn't completely, insanely, awesome enough, when you're done kayaking you can hop on a small boat and head to the calving site. There (rumor has it, well the highly authoritative guide book has it) that the gray whale calves will swim up to your boat out of curiosity and that they don't even flinch when you reach out your hand to touch them. Now this may not seem like that big of a deal to you, and that's fine. I'm very sorry if you feel like I have wasted your time. But you have to understand how magical this is to me. I'm not going to lie...I cried a little when I read it. Yeah, I did. When I read that you can pet a curious baby gray whale...I cried. No, I promise I'm not pregnant. I just love whales that much. 
Basically, I really need to buy a kayak and then I really need to save up for a trip to the Baja Peninsula. I can promise quite the blog post when that adventure happens!

~Hope that was a worthwhile Monday break and that you weren't completely annoyed, haha.~