Military and Lace

Dress is Madewell and sold out but similar here: 123 | Jacket is J. Crew Factory and sold out but similar here: 123 | Sandals are LOFT and sold out but similar here: 123 | Bag 

I apologize for the images being a little blurry...Sam and I are still learning my new camera. I absolutely love it but it is taking some time and experimenting to learn how to get the most out of it.
Anyway, the few days we had of cooler weather have absolutely carried over into my outfit inspiration as of late. Of course the weather has warmed back up to the 90's but I'm basically just ignoring it. Well that is halfway true...I like combining a things like this lightweight sleeveless dress with a jacket. Not only does it add layers to the look but it is perfect for covering up in a restaurant that has the A/C on full blast and then taking off the jacket once you're walking back to the office. I wore this look the whole day while running errands and meeting various people at the house to install one thing or another (floors, wifi, refrigerator, etc.). The flat sandals were perfect for my daytime activities. For dinner Sam and I met with our real estate agent and his lovely wife to celebrate the long awaited purchase of our new home! It took over a year to find and buy the right house while trying to sell our home and our real estate agent was an absolute God-send. I meant to change into a pair of casual strappy heels for dinner but in the rush of getting out the door I of course forgot and ended up wearing my sandals. Ah well, I guess that is an advantage of Denver being such a casual and laid back city. 
We dined at one of my favorite restaurants in the city, Panzano, and had a wonderful time. We joked that I have spent more time on the phone with Greg (our agent) this past year than I have with any member of my family! Haha. Basically, they now feel like family and I'm thankful to have developed such a special friendship with them. It is strange sometimes how things work out. All of the work and stress and challenges that surrounded us buying a home gave way to meeting and getting to know people that we now absolutely adore. God says He works all things for our good, that the things the enemy means for bad, God uses for our benefit and that is 100% true. 
I love spending the evening in the city with great company and I am thrilled that we now live so much closer to downtown. There's just something special about putting on a pretty dress and enjoying dinner in the city!
One last thing before I wrap up; 
The military jacket is a closet staple. Just incase you were not is, haha. It is invaluable during these in-between transition months in fall and spring. It pulls together a look, works well with a variety of colors and prints, and is a practical addition to an outfit. Find one that is lightweight and wrinkle resistant and it also packs and travels well. The military jacket is a classic style that you can rely on for a long time to come. 
Alright, just felt like I needed to get that out there.

I know I said "one last thing" but I remembered something else haha.
I am putting together a Q&A post and I am after your questions!
Send me your fashion, blogging and lifestyle questions and I will do my best to answer them. 
If you don't know whether or not your question fits into one of those categories, go ahead and ask it. I'm pretty much an open book so as long as I think it will benefit my readers, I will answer it.
I've had a few great questions come through already through Instagram but I do need a few more. Also, feel free to ask more than one question if you like!
Leave your question in a comment on one of my Instagram pics (@talshooster), on my Facebook page or in the comment section on this post.

Okay, I officially can't think of anything else. I think I'm done.

~Enjoy the last couple of days of the work week!~