Moody Color

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Sometimes I just feel like wearing a serious punch of color and then standing in front of a crazy colorful wall because...that's just what bloggers do. 
In all seriousness, I truly enjoy color. For years I primarily wore gray and black with very little color. Now don't get me wrong, I still adore gray and black, but I noticed that while I do like those colors my shopping tendencies were greatly influenced by my overall mood. I was depressed for a lot of years and consequently primarily wore dark colors like black. Once I noticed what I was doing, I intentionally started working bright and light colors into my wardrobe. I firmly believe that wearing color can help to brighten my mood. Energy is most certainly associated with color and it not only applies to what color you paint your house, but what color you clothe yourself in. Now I don't go into my closet every morning and choose my outfits based on the science of mood and color, but I do dress to either reflect my mood or to give my mood a little kick in the pants. 
What we wear can actually have a much greater affect on us and those around us than we may realize!
Now, if you or someone you know only wears black and shades of black...don't worry you are probably not suffering from severe depression haha. We are each individuals with our own preferences but it can be a side effect of our mood. 

With an outfit this colorful I knew the SantaFe Art District with it's Spanish flair was the right spot for the photoshoot. My necklace was a last minute addition to the outfit since I didn't just want to wear white and black. The necklace I found on MAJOR discount at J. Crew. I'm talking, about $14 (it was originally over $100!). Aya absolutely adores this necklace. She wears it around the house on a regular basis and if I'm ever wearing it around her then it doesn't stay on my neck for long...she starts asking for it pretty immediately. It's precious. She also has a thing for bracelets and anything that slightly resembles a bracelet will inevitably end up on her arms as she walks over to me to show off her newfound treasure. It always makes my heart smile to see her enjoy my things and her creativity astounds me. Now that I've talked about how amazing my child is, (my mothers can relate as to how easy this is to do!) I am going to get back to enjoying this Sunday with my family.
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One last thing...I finally hit 4,000 followers on Instagram! It is a small accomplishment but I am excited nonetheless. Next goal...5,000 by the end of the month! haha.

~Enjoy the rest of your weekend~

Mad good photography by Michaella Photography