Wandering Thoughts

Skirt | Top is Asos and sold out but similar here: 123 | Wedges are Tory Burch and sold out but similar here: 123 | Hat is J. Crew and sold out but similar here: 123 | Bag is Tory Burch and sold out but similar here: 123 | Necklace (on sale!) | Bracelets here: 123 | Watch | Lips

I have to say...this may be my favorite look and photoshoot to date. The outfit reflects my tastes and personality so well and Civic Center Park is simply stunning (I think I might like it as much as Union Station *gasp!*). Wearing this look all day I felt very much myself and it is exceptionally comfortable. Nothing beats something that is comfortable and stylish! Olive/military/fatigue green; whatever you call it, it is in for fall and it is a wonderful color. I have always loved this color and as I've said before, it looks great on everyone but I especially love it on blondes. It is a wonderful chameleon color that looks beautiful on everyone, in my opinion. Since I have green eyes I especially love wearing to pop my eyes a bit. This green also plays well with other colors and wearing it with white and navy is just a classic combination. I warmed up my skin with (almost) all gold jewelry but I did sneak in a little pewter and rose gold in my arm party (I just can't help myself).

Wandering around the park in such a lovely outfit kind of made me feel like I was in another country...or a movie maybe. I'm really still a five year old girl with a very active imagination who still wants to be a movie star when she grows up (and the president, and an archaeologist, and a marine biologist, and an author, and a teacher, and an artist, and a ballerina...the list goes on!). It does not take much tugging to lead my mind to wander. It is part of why I love dressing up so much...it feeds my daydreaming spirit and I can live dream as a character of myself. My tendency to do this is going haywire with purchasing a historic home. I am a complete and total history nerd and most definitely a hopeless romantic so this opportunity to restore, decorate and live in a place with so much history is an absolute dream come true. Poor Sam, he has heard more about the history of the decade (and entire era) that our house was built in. He's heard about the architectural style and the thoughts and influences behind it. He's heard about the decorating style and the heart behind that. He's heard about the preferred colors of the era, the way they kept the houses cool, and what style fence was in vogue. 
Basically I'm driving him insane, haha. I stand inside the house and my imagination runs wild with all of the life that house has seen. I can't control my thoughts sometimes, it's like reading a book with my imagination. More accurately, it is like writing a history book with my imagination. Don't even get me started on my abundance of decor influences! I'm sure I will document most (okay probably all) of the room transformations and you will likely read more about what goes through my head than you would care to! ha. I am absolutely positive that living there will even influence what I wear. Even just lounge wear has to be slightly more whimsical and luxurious living in a house like that!

I am officially rambling now and it has very little to do with fashion so I will wrap this up. This month will hold a couple of "before and after" posts of the house so stay tuned for that!

~Are you a daydreamer?~

OH! One last thing...this is what happens when I try to take a serious picture! lol

Lovely photography by Michaella Photography